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The Iconic Penthouse. Dubai, UAE

We are delighted to present The Iconic Penthouse, one of our star-projects of the year, an spectacular Penthouse Duplex of +2000sqm located in Aykon Tower, one of the most prestigious buildings in Dubai.

The Iconic Penthouse is an absolute reflection of our client’s personality, an exclusive combination of materials: marbles, textiles, woods, different colors… that have been detailed studied and carefully selected together with the furniture, art and lighting to give a unique character to the project.

In this design, Ground Floor is for social use with intercommunicated lounges, guest bedrooms, terraces, cinema and swimming pool and First Floor is for private use, including a large master bedroom, spa and hairdressing area.

The Entrance Hall, in ground floor, is a luxurious vertical design with double-height walls, stunning linear sculptural lighting and the natural elements of vertical gardens and waterfalls that create a wow effect from the first step into the home. It leads you to the dining room, which is designed with a mix of wood, marble and metal that give color to this large double-height space, making it cozy and at the same time integrating it in a subtle way, through a glass, to the professional kitchen.

Good views, Roberto Cavalli furnishings and a design with luxurious materials is all that is needed for this ideal living room. The furniture, carefully selected, becomes the centrepiece of the space. Textile patterns evoking nature, along with marbles of imposing textures, complete the striking and attractive design of this principal area of the penthouse. The double height allows to include a spectacular suspended lamp that brings elegance with its crystals.Tremendously impressive, there is an aquarium dividing the dining and living room.

The billiard room is designed as the VIP area of the games, a more private space, with soft and warm materials, with a very nice abstract painting and decorative fire extinguishers in glass capsules that give a shout of modernity. Also the extravagance and temptation of nightlife are expressed through the light and design proposed for the interior of the luxury game room, a lounge composed of bar/lounge and discotheque, modern and classic at the same time, as well as soft and subtle yet sensual. The walls come alive with an interesting crocodile skin that combines shades, leathers that give a certain modern and luxurious touch.

With a feeling of both outdoors and indoors, the pool area is visually integrated with the surrounding rooms. A combination of marble contrasting the light and dark color of the day and night, with a good warm and indirect lighting under the water, makes it a special, cozy and perfect place to stop time. Also the atmosphere of the terrace is perfect to relax during the day but encourages constant partying.

Guests have their own warm atmosphere in their bedrooms but without leaving aside the luxury and modern eccentricism. The wood paneling with slatted design, together with a design furniture that completes the composition bringing it to a perfect harmony. The Nero portoro brings movement, while the wood gives stability. A fully integrated space but clearly defined by its materials proposes a unique experience for guests.
There is also an amazing Cinema Room, a space full of warmth contrasting with the vertical surfaces of marble, acrylic and design panels that give a modern touch and attractive texture.

Finally, one of the most exclusive areas of the house, the Lounge, where huge glass panels will allow us to see the breathtaking views of Dubai from above. Next to the staircase that has been designed to evoke the path of water through the rocks, creating a unique atmosphere of luxurious audio-visual comfort.

In first floor, the Master Bedroom, the result of blending luxury and comfort. The combination of hard materials, such as marble, wood and mirrors, together with soft materials such as leather and textiles that make up the design of walls and furniture, creates a sense of comfort and harmony that invites you to take shelter. A fundamental piece for the design is the backlit onyx marble in the headboard, as the main focus and work of art at the same time. A modern and bold touch for a stylish bedroom.

For the Closet, wood and marble with an essential touch such as the glass doors that allow us to see what’s inside, but also ensure the protection of the clothes.

A ¨mostly black¨ color palette with a touch of metallic/bronze is used for the Master Bathroom to enhance the glamour feeling and create a dramatic experience while arousing deep sentiments for all those who enter the room and experience the drama behind the closed door. Drama and contrast, but balancing two extremes such as black and white with the sharp contrast between these colors provided by using Nero Antico marble to add the young and modern point of view.

And finally, “Spa under a starry night” the combination of dark marbles and the contrast with the backlit onyx gives a warmth to the space ideal for its function, together with wood effect flooring, that matches the lines that make up the sauna, integrating it with the space. The touch of color is provided by the vertical garden, bringing nature to the space while maintaining the serenity provoked by both the design and the lighting.

In our interior design team we always want to go one step further, and in this case we can proudly say that we have not only exceeded the client’s expectations, but we have exceeded our own.

Infinitum is not the limit.



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