The Team



Kristina Bråteng

CEO & Founder

Senior Architect & Main Designer

She is a passionate dreamer who shares her architecture design inspirations and makes people dreams to come true.

Born in Málaga (Spain), daughter of a Basque father and Norwegian mother. Being absolutely in love with the Architecture and Design, in her short but intense experience, she designed more than 150 exclusive villas and residential projects worldwide.

Her career started in Marbella (Spain) where she designed a number of unique and exclusive villas that very soon gained international recognition. Now her projects are at every corner of the World, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahamas, Miami, Greenwich, California, Greece, Cayman Islands, Seychelles islands and further. The later country has a very special place in her portfolio, since its where she had her very first project in the Middle East and where now she is successfully continuing her professional activity as the CEO & Founder of B8 Architecture.


  • Ali Cornejo

    Senior Architect & Project Coordinator
  • Francisco José Pérez

    Senior Project Coordinator
  • Óscar Oyarzún

    Senior Architect / Director of Urban Design & Master Planning
  • Adriana Oliveira

    Senior Architect / Spain Design Office Director
  • Daniela Vega

    Senior Architect / Interior Design Director
  • Anas Rustum

    Architect & Interior Designer
  • Lara Ksairy

    Architect & Interior Designer
  • Aya Dayem

    Architect & Interior Designer
  • Tony Pheloups

    Architect & Interior Designer
  • Andrew A. Attia

    Architect & Interior Designer
  • Alberto Lobato

  • David Bayo

  • Zain Jadoun

  • Laura González

  • Clara Jane Cruz

  • Vajnh D. Latigay

    Junior Architect
  • Mohammed Saab

    Junior Architect
  • Kher Almostafa

    Junior Architect
  • Athulya Kizhakkummuri

    Junior Architect
  • Mamerto Gamboa

    Senior Structural Engineer
  • Mohammad Faiz

    Senior Structural Engineer
  • Marino Bañón

    3d Artist
  • David Caro

    3d Artist
  • Julio Lax

    3d Artist
  • Pedro Ardura

    Site Supervision Manager
  • Javier García

    Senior Engineer & Construction & Project Manager
  • Carmelo López

    Senior Engineer & Construction & Project Manager
  • Juan Carlos Vargas

    Brand Management Director
  • María Madroñal

    Client Relationship Manager · Dubai
  • Erika Šalkauskaitė

    Client Relationship Manager · Spain
  • Kamal Saad

    Massage Therapist & Health Coach

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