B8 Architecture is based in Dubai but working world-wide.

Our goal is and has been, to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are not only a team of workers, we are a team of dreamers and we want to share our vision with you and make it reality!.

Our creative process develops through understanding the key parameters for the project, from which point they use clear strategic thinking to produce contemporary and innovative designs that respond individually to the clients’ requirements. B8 architecture has a resourceful and talented team who understands design, innovation and good practice. From the outset of each project, they assist the client in assembling appropiate consultant advice and work tirelessly to ensure each design is executed to the highest standard and delivered within typically challenging budgets and timescales.


We are an architectural company worldwide and we want you to get to know us!

We cover all the international requirements and demands that are reaching out to us looking for an exclusive and quality design. We engage in each project as being a challenge, innovating in our designs and incorporating new technologies and materials to our projects.



At B8 we don’t want to leave you behind, we want to see you winning!

We will select for you a variety of construction companies to determine which one offers the best service and quality guarantees at the most competitive price, after having reviewed all of the build tenders.

B8 ensures total transparency regarding the Project Management as all the fees are being determined by the amount SAVED for each item in the building execution.

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