Triple winners at the MEC Awards 2023

A few days ago, we were fortunate enough to share with you our nomination in the MEC Awards 2023 in a staggering 11 categories, news that we celebrated with great enthusiasm from the entire B8 Architecture team.

Well, on November 22nd, the MEC Awards took place in Dubai, specifically at the Ritz Carlton, and a large part of our team was able to attend and enjoy this event. However, what we didn’t expect at all was to win in 3 of the categories in which we were nominated.

  • Architectural Company of the Year.
  • Interior Design Company of the Year.
  • C-Suite Executive of the Year.

It was a magical night, especially considering that these might be the best awards we could receive, since our main activity is Architecture and Interior Design. Additionally, we couldn’t have had a better way to conclude the night than by winning in the C-Suite Executive of the Year category, a more than well-deserved award for our beloved CEO, Kristina Bråteng. We have no doubt that we have the best possible CEO, but these types of recognitions confirm that it’s not just our team’s opinion, but also how others see it! Truly a luxury!

All the awards were received with great enthusiasm and excitement, and being able to share them with a large part of the team who attended the event was memorable!

At B8 Architecture, we have always tried to do things with a very clear philosophy of work – work with enthusiasm, love what you do, strive to improve every day – and these types of recognitions make us think that we are on the right path!

We share a selection of photographs from the event to convey everything we experienced on this magical night of November 22nd, and we take this opportunity to congratulate the rest of the participants, as they all presented spectacular works.


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