Mangrove City

Mangrove City. Abu Dhabi

A new model of sustainable city for Abu Dhabi, which would create modern residential and mixed developments of various characteristics, as school, health center, shopping center, entertainment, art and culture places, as well as restaurants and sports activities spaces, extensive green areas, bike paths, canals and even a lake.

Respecting the main roads already changed in the adjoining sectors, we propose to generate a new shaft that crosses the plot from North to South. This new shaft connects the sea with the city through a large channel that will allow boat traffic, which gives an access to the shopping center in the center of the sector. Right in this area, a canal perpendicular to shaft, connects the mangroves with the other shore (East-West) and gives way to a large lake in front of the park where access to the funicular that flies over the canal would be located. The other end of the funicular would be located in the area of the marina, the north of the sector.

In the center of the marina, a hotel would be located, which would be connected to the rest of the plot through two bridges.

In the north, a lighthouse with a panoramic restaurant will be located and on the deck a helipad can be placed.

East bank we consider as very attractive due to its proximity to the mangroves. In this area we propose the riverside park, with outdoor sports activities and recreational areas, where the most exclusive homes with artificial beaches would appear.

Developed buildings which combine apartments, work areas, restaurants, etc., with landscaped terraces, creating an oasis for rest and relax for the residents.

In the public spaces, welcoming spaces would be created by combining different materials like wood, stone, vegetation, etc.

Given the extraordinary natural landscape that the city has (the mangroves), we understand that an eco-architecture design is necessary for this new area of the city. Architectural elements integrated in the landscape, where Nature and Architecture merge and the City connects with the Sea.

Nature will help clean the air and to lower pollution levels. The temperature of the air and the noice will be reduced, residents will have greater biodiversity and lover level of stress. Living in an authentic paradise will attract people from all over the world.

1.050.000 sqm.


1.150.000 sqm.





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