Emirates V6 / Interior Design

Emirates v6. Emirates Hills. Dubai, UAE

This luxury villa stands out not only for its impressive architecture but also for its interior design, which transforms every corner into a work of art. Upon entering, the triple-height entrance hall amazes with a spectacular spiral staircase. This staircase not only functions as the home’s communicative core but also rises as a great iconic sculpture that defines the villa’s design.

The architecture plays with varied heights, and the interior design accentuates these verticalities by using light materials that illuminate both the high and low spaces. Warm white marble, natural stones, elegant textiles, and small touches of bronze-colored metal combine to create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

The interior design is harmonious and coherent, with a meticulous selection of materials and unique wall treatments in each space. Although minimalist, the interior incorporates abundant decorative details that elevate the level of luxury and refinement.

The ground floor and first floor are characterized by continuity in design and consistent use of materials and styles. In contrast, the basement presents a different aesthetic, transporting us to more nocturnal and festive environments. Bolder marble and ceilings with unique designs create a vibrant ambiance, with darker tones that maintain coherence with the rest of the villa.

In this villa, every element has been carefully selected to create a space that is not only functional but also a testament to luxury and elevated design, providing a unique and timeless experience for its inhabitants.


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