Villa Ocean / Interior Design

Villa Ocean. Miami. Florida, USA

Located facing the Miami sea, with unique views that convey peace and tranquility, this villa opens up through large windows to natural light and the blue ocean. This feeling is what we aimed to bring into the interior spaces, using natural materials and light tones that illuminate every corner and highlight the spaciousness offered by the architecture itself.

We welcome residents with a wooden arch and mirrors, leading to a grand entry hall that serves as a space articulator and connects to the basement via a magnificent spiral staircase, a sculptural centerpiece on both floors. The use of white travertine is essential throughout all spaces, combined with light-toned wood and various textures. These two materials, along with metallic details and a traditional Venetian plaster finish, are the protagonists of this luminous design that evokes pleasure and simplicity, yet luxury and a sense of home.

An example of designing with high luxury standards without the need for contrasts, shine, or flashy ornaments. This is minimalist luxury where time stands still, offering perpetual rest and comfort to its inhabitants.


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