Villa Ethereal / Interior Design

Villa Ethereal. Palm Jumeirah. Dubai, UAE

Inspired by the Modern Elegance with Opulent Contrasts, Villa Ethereal is a luxurious beach house located on the Palm, designed with meticulous attention to detail and recognition of its prestigious location. The harmonious balance of dark colors, opulent materials, and priority to breathtaking views influenced the overall design concept, creating one of the most luxurious villas on the Palm.

Embracing sophistication and luxury, the interior design of Villa Ethereal showcases a dark color palette with deep hues of charcoal and rich browns complemented by metallic gold accents, customized glass, and touches of off-white for a glamorous touch. The main floor and ceiling elements feature a bright beige/white base color to create a striking contrast. The deliberate selection of colors and materials echoes a sense of modernity co-existing with classic allure and sophistication.

Elements of beige in leather, fabrics, and travertine serve as a serene backdrop, allowing other design features to shine. Dark oak wood adds an organic opulence and timeless elegance to the aesthetic, connecting the interior design to the natural world with its warm undertones and tactile dimension.

Upon entering Villa Ethereal, guests are immediately immersed in luxury, thanks to the spacious open layout and expansive windows that offer stunning views of the beach. The seamless transition between interior and exterior areas invites exploration of the exclusive outdoor spaces that complement the interior design.

The grand piano in the main lobby sets a tone of sophistication, complemented by a dazzling crystal chandelier that enhances the atmosphere of opulence. Villa Ethereal features an exclusive chef’s kitchen with innovative motorized smart glass panels, creating an ideal cooking environment or connecting to the family show kitchen for a seamless culinary experience.

The private men cave and cigar lounge, adjacent to the private cinema room, offers a sanctuary for relaxation and leisure. The master suite boasts sea views, a large walk-in closet with middle islands for him and her, and a private patio that brings nature into the space. The master bath features a freestanding bath with sea views and a large outdoor bath area surrounded by green walls for a luxurious bathing experience.

Additional features of Villa Ethereal include two kids rooms, a private gym, and two guest or family rooms on the roof, offering ample accommodations for visitors and family members. Each space is meticulously designed to ensure comfort, privacy, and luxury at every turn. Villa Ethereal epitomizes luxury living in Dubai, combining elegance, functionality, and comfort in a truly opulent setting.


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