Villa Maré / Interior Design

Villa Maré / Interior Design. Dubai, UAE

Discover Villa Maré, an extraordinary residence gracing the shores of Dubai’s La Mer Island where the timeless allure of nature meets modern luxury.

As you step into the villa a double-height entrance welcomes you, featuring a wave-inspired black marble wall, reminiscent of the ocean’s rhythmic dance. The entire villa boasts high ceilings, creating a sense of expansiveness, mirroring the openness of the sea and infusing every space with a breath of tranquility.

The heart of Villa Maré beats in its green patio. At its center stands a majestic tree, a symbol of life and a grounding force for the entire residence. This verdant oasis blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor, inviting the tranquil beauty of La Mer Island into every corner.

Descend to the basement, and discover a new dimension of luxury. The expansive open space is multifunctional, hosting areas dedicated to entertainment and a stylish bar. As an added feature, the basement houses a spa that elevates the villa to unparalleled heights of well-being. Featuring a green court that bathes the space in natural light and brings a sense of outdoor wellness indoors.

By weaving together neutral earth tones, bold black contrasts, and a vibrant green patio, this villa on La Mer Island becomes a harmonious sanctuary where modern design meets the timeless beauty of its natural surroundings. It’s a celebration of luxury, and the unparalleled allure of Dubai’s coastal living.


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