Sharjah Waterfront Villa / Modern Nok Home Bathroom Proposal

Sharjah Waterfront Villa. Modern Nok Home Bathroom Proposal. Dubai, UAE

Two proposals for the same space, generating different visual and emotional sensations, with the same distribution. is here where we value the importance of detail and the right combination of materials according to what we want a space to provide us with on a daily basis.

On one hand, a proposal combining gray tones and wood, with a geometric mosaic as a representative point of the space, which can be seen from the bedroom, through the floor to ceiling glass that gives amplitude to the bathroom. Using black taps that give it a modern touch combined with the subtle curves of the rest of the elements that make up the bathroom.

On the other hand, a more aggressive proposal but without losing the elegance and aesthetics of the space. The black as a fundamental element that configures the space through the elements that stand out, among them the delicate white veins of the wall cladding.

The important thing about design is what you want it to express. The same space can transmit different sensations depending on how you design the inside.


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