Nad al Sheba / Classic Romantic Style Bedroom

Nad al Sheba. Classic Romantic Style Bedroom. Dubai, UAE

The bedroom every princess deserves to have. Guided by clear and defined tastes from the client, the refurb of this spacious bedroom was carried out, full of details that aim to combine a classic style with a touch of contemporaneity, starting from subtlety, elegance and femininity.

The soft colors, the pale pink, golden touches and the mother of pearl, were fundamental to generate a harmony of the space and a sensation of charm and pleasure inside the room.

It is accessed through a private hall, where we can appreciate arches and wall and ceiling moldings that give us the classic touch we are looking for, this combined with modern luxury furniture and a high quality wall paper with a neutral design that uniformly floods the whole room, without attracting attention, but being fundamental to generate the feeling we are looking for.

At one side we have the walk-in closet, wide, with natural light and silky curtains that give intimacy to the space. Carpentries with moldings and mirrors, combined with high design

At the other, accessed by the dressing table corner and TV lounge, spacious, bright, with gold details that give a touch of sophistication within the proposed classic furniture. A wall that evokes a mystical forest with its river, generating tranquility and integrating in a symbolic way the nature inside the room. Finally, the sleeping area, majestic with a headboard that combines the rigidity and elegance of the mother of pearl, along with the softness and sweetness of the pale pink fabric. Geometrically segmented side mirrors that give movement to the space and luxury furniture, with impeccable finishes and details such as lamps and cushions that complement the ideal space to rest pleasantly and enjoy the room.


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