Nad al Sheba / Luxury Contemporary Style Bathroom

Nad al Sheba. Luxury Contemporary Style Bathroom. Dubai, UAE

This amazing bathroom meets all the requirements of high luxury, where its defined lines and geometric figures dominate the landscape. Starting from the classic and ornamented design, with this project we reached a point beyond, mixing it with modern touches that give the wow effect that we all perceive. A real sensation in front of the eyes that admire it.

The combination of materials is imposing and very stylish, while remaining neutral and welcoming. A brown marble with veins that hint at the presence of gold, a color that we use in taps and profiles, raising the level of glamour to its highest expression. Walls with niches that allow to use every corner in a useful way, with touches of led lighting that highlight its beauty. It’s all in the details. We can’t leave behind, the set of mirrors, to give an even greater feeling of spaciousness to the bathroom and the amazing lamp design, suspended over the bath, which frames in a sculptural and unique way the first image we get when entering this space, but also when staying in it, since it is reflected from any point you are in.

Without a doubt, a bathroom with all the style for royalty.



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