Nad al Sheba / Renewed Classic Style Dressing Room

Nad al Sheba/Renewed Classic Style Dressing Room. Dubai, UAE

The dressing room any woman wants to have. Wardrobes designed for all types of clothes, with an interior distribution thought out in detail. We combine opaque doors with mirror doors and some glass doors that allow you to see what is inside as if it were a showcase.

A space thought to the millimetre, with a range of light colours, broken white and beige combined with golden elements that give the space a sophisticated and luxurious touch. The spectacular carpet with its design evoking nature is the best complement to the carpentry, as are the two majestic lamps suspended over the island, which emit that delicacy and glamour of the space we inhabit.

The island, centered in the space, defines a clear path within it. With multiple drawers and interior compartments for maximum organization. A spectacular dressing table integrated into the woodwork, comfortable, spacious, bright, with a stunning floor-to-ceiling mirror and side shelves that allow you to have everything you need at hand.

And we cannot leave behind, at the other end, some magnificent sliding mirror doors that give way to the private hairdressing area, where we make use of a wallpaper, of the highest quality, which like the carpet, integrates nature in a space when we are away from it. An ideal dressing room, subtle, classy and with an impeccable interior design that allows you to enjoy it in the best way.


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