Palm K-70 Villa Renovation

Palm K-70 Renovation. Dubai, UAE

Contemporary, luxurious and dynamic, this is how we would describe Palm K-70 Villa.

Our main objective was enhancing the quality of life for the occupants and achieving the remarkable living experience you are about to witness.

As you step inside, you are greeted by a grand foyer with a tastefully curated furniture and décor, passing by the stunning water feature sculpture you end up with the breathtaking view of the Palm once you reach the living area.

To bring a touch of the aquatic world of Palm Jumeirah outside into the space the Aquarium was a beautiful and captivating addition to the Formal Living, it was used as a room divider to separate but maintain the openness and connection between the formal living and the dining area.

The seamless integration of high-end materials such as the fascinating labradorite stone, Arabiscato marble, wood and crystal have created a visually stunning and comfortable space.

Briefly K-70 villa is a piece of art.


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